Hidrocor Parati

Hidrocor Parati

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Hidrocor Parati also known as our only 100% grey lenses across our whole range. These lenses are for those who desire stunning grey eyes, although you may not think these would look natural, they certainly do! A subtle medium light grey these lenses are the missing piece you've been looking for. It is the color of a cloud-covered sky & misty ash.

Durability: 1 year (Yearly lenses)

Material: 62% Polymacon
Hydration: 38%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base curve: 8.7
Packing: 1 pair

Includes: First wear solution & your own contact case

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Right eye -0.75
Left eye +0.75

Why choose us?

100% coverage

Combining pioneering technology with beautiful pigments and opaque colors our lenses blend extremely well on the eye & provide 100% coverage against your natural eye colour.

They last a whole year

Solotica lenses are suitable for daily wear for up to one year. Lenses should always be cared for and stored correctly to ensure long-lasting.

We are trusted

Solotica lenses are FDA and CE approved. 

Solotica colour contact lenses are fully registered and health compliant. Our contacts are safe to wear & are registered worldwide having obtained certain certifications.